Tamed Space shades are made of birch plywood. The rings are grinded, glued together and grinded to reach the desirable shape. All the lamps are finished and checked carefully before sending them to their destinations. All the work is carried out in Poland.

Tamed Space's pendant lamps combine exquisite craftsmanship and pure form. It is a structure at the same time wild and tamed – bound to impress.

HIVE lamps are made of plywood treated with varnish which enhances the details of wood grains and protects it’s structure. Every lamp is handcrafted, so each one presents unique play of light and shadow rendering natural beauty of wood, creating individual ambiance of your space.

Tamed Space lamps provide warm and intimate light creating the mood of ease and serenity.
 HIVE is designed to be ideal for private apartments and perfect for public spaces in need of lightning which provides comfort – hotels, restaurants and cafes. Tamed Space lamps add a sophisticated touch to your space, whether your interior is traditional, contemporary or of your own unique design. Tamed Space pendant lamps set you apart.